Tasting Notes

The expressive character gives this wine a uniquely Italian flavor and stylishness that sets it apart from other blends. The nose is dense and has a liqueur-like aroma with violets, dried roses blueberry, blackberry, and vanilla. The entry is plush with a supple lift of dark cherries. The tannins are soft and silky with an acidic backbone balance with the intense flavor of ripe fruit. The long, smooth finish hints of fruit, licorice and sweet vanilla oak.

- Shaun Frohn
Winery Manager


Wine Pricing

Bottle Price..........$30.00

Case Price.............. call

Food and Wine Pairing

Our Rosé of Cabernet Sauvignon Wine is best served chilled which makes it ideal for a barbecue and for drinking with spicy food such as curries. Also good with ripe peaches. Very much a modern rosé wine for contemporary food.

- Calandri Family