Tasting Notes

This Rose is distinctive, elegant and true to its variety. The character is uniquely European in stature with a drier flavor and a stronger bouquet. There are hints of guava and strawberry fruit on the nose. The texture is soft with clean acidity and is dry on the palate with flavors of spice and cherry which lean into a long, dry and balanced finish. It is refreshing on a summer day but can be enjoyed year round.

- Shaun Frohn
Winery Manager


Wine Pricing

Bottle Price..........$22.00

Case Price.............. call

Food and Wine Pairing

Our Rosé of Cabernet Sauvignon Wine is best served chilled which makes it ideal for a barbecue and for drinking with spicy food such as curries. Also good with ripe peaches. Very much a modern rosé wine for contemporary food.

- Calandri Family