Tasting Notes

This wine can easily be described as berryish — more precisely, like raspberry or blackberry jam, mixed with aromas of freshly ground pepper and often cinnamon and clove. It is also an experience: At its fullest, red Zinfandel almost gushes, like liquid cornucopia, out onto the palate. The color is vividly purple — sometimes black as a moonless night. The aromas are ripe and intense, and the feel in the mouth vigorously alive, dense, almost decadent with those wild berry qualities.

- Shaun Frohn
Winery Manager


Wine Pricing

Bottle Price..........$25.00

Case Price.............. call

Food and Wine Pairing

Our Rosé of Cabernet Sauvignon Wine is best served chilled which makes it ideal for a barbecue and for drinking with spicy food such as curries. Also good with ripe peaches. Very much a modern rosé wine for contemporary food.

- Calandri Family